Learning Guitar Journey Continues

I’m back! Almost forgot my login details but I’m back haha. So a few days ago I was talking about how I had just started playing guitar. I’m still working hard at it, going through the chords and learning the easy scales right now. I can also play 1 more song, House of the Rising Sun, an oldie but a goodun I think. Also amazing news it turns out my $50 guitar is actually pretty good and I got it for a bargain, I was so dumb not to even see the Biffy Clyro symbol on the headstock, it didn’t even occur to me and it only caught my eye when I was putting it in its case for the FIRST TIME (that’s how much I’ve been playing it, has been lying on my bed or floor since I got it) So I actually have the real Simon Neil Squier signature model! Was so happy when I realised, it’s also meant to be pretty good judging by the review of it written here http://www.allguitarthings.com/2012/08/fender-squier-simon-neil-stratocaster-review/ So looks like I saved a couple hundred bucks! I don’t think I’ll be replacing it for a while. Totally think anyone with a bit of money looking for a beginner guitar should look at this one as an idea, I love it to pieces.

My favourite youtube uploader is definitely this guy right now although a little advanced for me in some places.

So useful it’s unreal, I reckon learning to play the guitar is so much quicker doing it yourself just watching and following along to these types of videos, then having rigid 1-2 hour lessons a week, less effort too :p

Also used this video here to help me learn my first scale, I managed to get halfway through before it all fell apart and I couldn’t keep up, alternate picking is really helping my skill though.

I hope that by the end of this week I will have learnt at least 2 more songs, more or less anyway. When I say learnt I mean just piecing together something recognisable and then improving upon it as much as I can, I kind of wish I had an acoustic guitar too because there are even more acoustic tutorial videos online than electric, but must not complain when I have my Fiesta Red baby :p

Also I suppose you can call this fairly recent news (in the guitar world at least) but I saw Gibson guitars had to settle federal charges for illegally importing wood from Madagascar…ouch. Well personally I feel if they knew what they were doing was wrong then the $350,000 they had to pay according to this NY times blog was not enough. Make your own judgements on it is all I can say http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/06/gibson-guitar-settles-claim-over-imported-ebony/

So thanks for reading and I’ll be checking back in sometime soon!


Favorite Modern Band

So I’m not a big fan of modern music, for those that know me that’s no secret. I don’t really know why, I just find the old music that much better. Give me the pixies over the XX any day (I actually do quite like the XX but in comparison with the pixies - forget about it!). So who is my favourite band at the moment? Drumroll… Biffy Clyro! Maybe an odd choice but I’m a big fan of front man Simon Neill, he’s a great guitarist and vocalist and a good songwriter to boot. It’s weird how Scotland can produce one good band every decade or so that I’m a fan of.

Biffy Clyro rocking it out

I’ve recently started to learn the guitar myself and didn’t realise it would be this hard. For one thing, my fingers hurt like hell! My friends said that she get the action lowered on the strings to make getting notes easier but I figure if I can play it like it is, then I will be able to play any other guitar and even move onto acoustics. You should see my guitar, it’s in great condition and I only paid $50 for it from my best friend who quit a few weeks ago. It’s a gorgeous Fiesta red colour, which lucky for me is just like the Simon Neil Stratocaster!

I suppose I’ve just made this blog because I don’t have University and I’m massively bored waiting for the summer to end, how shocking is that! I guess this is a good place to share my ideas and try to find other bloggers who share similar interests to me. I got so many videos to check out of guitar tutorials and lessons, I try and share a bunch soon here because my friends the list together and now I can already play two songs (that is my fingers can take it ha ha). I’ve bought a few guitar books but I’m not sure if I got the right ones because they don’t seem that useful to me, not yet anyway. My dad is a big guitar collector but to my surprise he wouldn’t let me have one of his many guitars just to learn on.

I also like to play video games now and again, actually last month I quit World of Warcraft after so many years wasted, that things like stupidly addictive, I managed to quit smoking for a before I quit that game! Against my better judgement I also trying out diabolo three, fortunately I didn’t get hooked on that too. And lastly, my other passion is film (you can tell I’m not a sports person :-))

Next post I’m going to share some research of guitars and maybe dig up the tutorials I have already mentioned. So until next time, goodbye.